Denim on denim, I used to think it was such a no no but now I love it

How I like to style (Casual):

  • I usually try to use the same color jean tones when I do denim on denim, UNLESS the denim is black or a colored denim. In that case girl do as you please!
  • Try to stick to monochrome colors; I say this because since there’s so much of one shade, you don’t be too distracting
  • Only one destressed top or bottom! This meaning of your denim top piece is distressed try to stick with some plain bottoms, or vice versa
  • Put you hair up: This will make the look more sleek lookin
  • Bag: Again stick to monochrome, I usually stick with black


How I style when I wanna be extra:

  • ACCESORIES: My go to’ safe usually rings or a neckalce
  • Have a statement piece with some color: By this I mean, if you have a full denim look, wear some red shoes with it (for example)


Some examples of how I styled it:

I didn’t even mean to make it a denim on denim tbh, started off with the tshirt then I thought hey the denim jacket would be nice, then I realized it looked like I wasn’t wearing pants so I threw on a denim skirt. The belt was to  cinch I’m the waist so I don’t look so boys with the over sized clothes.

Top: Fashion district

Denim jacket: Wet seal

Shoes: Burlington girl these were a steal! Ladies always ask me how I find deals, ALWAYS CHECK THE SALE SECTION, I REPEAT! These were only $8

Denim skirt: Forever 21




Top: Forever 21

Jeans: Fashion district







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