1/7/17 Day in Seattle


Yesterday i woke up at 6 am, which was a struggle considering I usually sleep in. Then I went and picked up my friend and we continued our way to Seattle. It was about a 2 hour drive there, whole time was filled with playing music from new music like Dom kennedys new album to throwbacks like Ciara ride lol.


Our trip to Seattle was to go look st The Art institute of Seattle. I hope to go here or some other art schools I’ve been looking into. Just within minutes of being in the downtown city area I loved it. Walking into the campus there was a spin door which reminded me of sex in the city hahahha. Once everyone got to the open house, we all split up into groups of, fashion, culinary, design, etc. Suprisingly I was the only one for fashion. We all went to a office and began our projects. The theme was to make a fashion show, and each group had to work their skills to make this happen. The culinary students made drinks that would work with the theme of our event which was Starwars. The design kids sketched out the lay out of the venue. My job was to create outfits. My idea was to use characters in the movie and use the same colors tones of them but to make outfits of a more modern spin.



I originally planned on trying out a bunch of cool food places that I had found but due to the weather conditions yesterday some places were closed. But I still managed to visit two places. First stop was this coffee shop, the cutest coffee shop.


The whole place was just so asthetically appealing. From cute lights to paintings everywhere. The environment was so calm.

Next I went to Hardwok cafe which is about 10 minutes away from downtown. It was a tiny little restaurant, it was kind of crowded. We had ordered honey toast, it took about 30 minutes to make. It was so good but I will say, personally it was a little bit too sweet. Still worth it, it was about $9


These are just some random places I found that I just liked.





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