I’ve been loving that Calvin Kleins have been trending so much the past year. I love showing the Calvin Klein band underneath bottoms. Best paired with low rise bottoms considering the boy shorts aren’t that high waisted. Not only the bottoms though their whole Calvin Klein line is so simple but nice, I love.


Yall know me and my Asian ways, always wanting to save money. Honestly it’s a good way to live why not save money if you can right, especially on things you don’t necessarily need just want. I’ve found a couple stores that sell Calvin Klein pieces at a discount!

  • Asos: The online store is always having sales, I found s bralette on their originally $30 discounted to $18
  • Pacsun: Occasionally has the buy one get one half off, which would be a great time to stock up! Also when they have he buy in every get one for free, I got my Calvn Klein bralette of $36 for free with the purchase of a other swestshirt I bought
  • Nordstrom: This is west I bought my boy shorts from and they were having a $25 percent off, I don’t remember exactly how much but I believe I paid about $13-16


How I style them


I feel like there’s always a way to make a clothing piece look casual or more on the dressed up side, first look is more for the “I wanna look good but throw on a fit”

I wore the bralette with my high waisted pants to cover up a little, paired with these sick net socks which are clutch because the trend is cool but you don’t have to struggle for an hour trying to put on stocks instead get the socks! With my black air Max’s that glow in the dark. I wore the grey longline zip up sweatshirt on top to even out the darkness in the fit & match out the white colors. And because I live in a colder climate and I would have gotten hypothermia without it.


Bralette: Pacsun

Jacket: Men’s forever 21 size medium $27

Jeans: Pacsun with distressing done by me

Socks: Forveer 21 $3.50

Shoes: Nike employee store $30


For this I went for a more dressy look. I wore my low rise distressed jeans to show off the band and to add more to a plain outfit. I started making the outfit. Asked off the jacket, I paired it with these shoe because even though they aren’t the exact shade I thought the nude worked well with the camel color.


Top: Forever 21 crop tank $1.50

Jeans: Hollister $10 sale jeans I cut up and cuffed

Coat: $13.50

Shoes: Charlotte Russe $25


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