Simple DIY skirt

I loved this look, I think it was just the print and the style the skirt gave off after it was done, I kind of got a golf outfit type of vibe off it lol.

Overall it’s simple and puts more diversity into you closet why just wear it as a shirt when you can have both worlds.

If you rrally don’t like the ties in the front you could cut the sleeves then hem away the edges and sew the arm holes up then add a zipper on the back but if your lazy and wanna take a shirt cut then just tie it!


  • Button up shirt (thinner the better to work with)
  • Spandex
  • Pins (not necessary but handy)



How to:

  • Put on some spandex , you don’t want everybody seein all your goods lol
  • Button 2/3 of the shirt up
  • Slip on the shirt
  • Then just tie these Eve’s at your wait or if you want it to be high waisted, at your belly button
  • Tuck and pin away little imperfections you may see



Outfit details:

Top: Pacsun

Button up shirt: I think love culture I’m not sure tbh

Denim jacket: Wet seal

Sunglasses: Platos Closet ( I have two pairs from there and I love them they were $5 each but pretty nice material


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