Hair journey

I always used to get questions on how many times have you dyed your hair because I’d change my hair like every 3 months lol

So let walk through memory lane…

‘I’m not going to start from all the way when I first came off the airplane from Korea but let’s start from when I first really started coloring my hair…. 4 years ago

I had really long healthy slightly ombré brown, slightly even orange toned hair as you can see in the featured picture

From there I decided lets go back to my root color, so I dyed it all jet black

Then the whole let’s all chop out hair off trend happened and I just wanted to hop on the bandwagon which I highly regret, so I went from having long beautiful flows hair that reaches my booty to ugly constraint cut bob to my shoulders, oh I also recommend not doing this by yourself lol, point in case I didn’t go to school the next day

Then I decided I need some color so I went lighter

This picture was a couple months after, I probably had dyed it 3 times at this point

Then I had decided hey I should go full on blonde, which rookie mistake your hair will go orange if you don’t have the right product and patience, you also can’t do this in one sitting but I said hey fuck it lets do it

long story short my hair ended up being frued and I looked crazy

so then I decided my only choice is go back dark right? 9no it wasn’t but guess what I did)

I was probably dark haired for about 2 months till I tired of it once again, this Time I just did a brown ombré then would deep condition the fuck out of it for a good 4 month period

then I gradually went all blonde and this time it didn’t look that bad


It wasn’t that bad;y damaged and I liked the silvery look but the maintenance was annoying, about 2-3 of being this blonde I got bored again then decided okay this time I, really just going to stay with my dark hair so my dumb ass went black again

(which I’m sad I didn’t try out any fun colors like grey or purple when I had this hair color but I digress)


So this was after I went black and as you can see it put a strain on my hair, it was dying and I had so much split ends

currently my hair is okay condition, I have dyed it again since then but weirdly looks better then it did in this picture, probably from all the products and care I’ve put into it, I also give myself a weekly deep condition and slight hair trim here and there to get rid of split ends but I’m workin on making my hair healthy again 🙂



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