Outfit post from a couple weeks ago, I’ve been loving distressed and oversized jackets lately. This one is currently sold out but honestly you can mange to find the similar look at a thrift store! I had been rocking the black hair but got tired of it like I always do and went a brown ombré now I’ll probably post some pictures of that soon.

Where items are from;

  • Jacket: Wet Seal / Diy
  • Sweater dress: Tj maxx
  • Tights: Target
  • Boots: Wet Seal


I was pretty happy with everything that I had bought from the outfit but one thing I’ll say is that the tights only lasted me 3 times lol, they were so thin and even the littlest scratch would make them rip. For the shoes I love them I wear them all the time, their super comfy but the ties on the back always come undone but it’s not that bad.

Links :

  • Jacket (Sold Out)
  • Tights –
  • Shoes –





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