First time shopping on

Being the YouTube fanatic that I am, I’m constantly watching YouTube hauls and look books and I would see this website “Boohoo” and so decided to check it out. I’ve known about the site for months now but just never decided to put some time into looking through the items they had. Considering it it’s a Uk based website I thought the prices would be priced very high, some were not going to lie but I’ve also notice their always having amazing deals up to 40-50% everything on the website. When I had ordered it was 50% so I said oh hell yeah and went a little crazy haha here’s some of the things I got.


So one thing I disliked abou the clothes were that they weren’t all 100% true to what they looked like online, physically yes but the colors were slightly off. I still love them either way though. The shoes are pretty comfortable for being how tall they are, I think it’s because of the chunky heel. The trench coat is very warm I definitely recommend especially for the price. The other two jackets though are very thin but will be good for layering! And for the crop top, it really cute but one thing is the turtle neck part is really small or I just have a big head, just know I struggled when trying to put that on lol.


I paid for the regular shipping which costs $6, o thought it would have talked weeks to get here but it came in only 8 days, they also give you a code so you can track and see where the package is, personally I loved that


  • Shoes $35
  • Cropped Top: $13
  • Bomber Jacket: $13
  • Trench coat: $17.50
  • Jacket: $17.50


  • Shoes –
  • Cropped Top –
  • Bomber Jacket –
  • Trench Coat –
  • Jacket –




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